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Big power.
Small Package.


Don’t be deceived by the compact footprint of the new TRONIC X12. This mighty beast is the first of a new series of world-first technology for high power, efficient VESC based units coming from Tronic Systems, the world leader in high performance controllers for the fastest PEV’s in the world. For the X series of controllers, we went back to the drawing board and designed a no-compromise feature and component set from the ground up, with only top-quality, name-brand components, to provide the most power, reliability, and efficiency of any PEV controller on the market! At every step, quality was chosen over cost.

 Featuring 12 Infineon TOLT mosfets, this powerhouse delivers kilowatts of power in the most compact size ever made. Infineon TOLT mosfets are automotive grade and feature top side cooling, which allows the heat generated by them to directly flow into the heat sink, and not into the rest of the PCB, protecting all of the important IC’s which are mounted there. The results are revolutionary, and you won’t believe how cool the X12 runs even at high power levels. Say goodbye to overheating issues, because the X12 runs 60% cooler than any comparable controller! A generous capacitor bank and 140V DCDC converter prevent overvoltage issues.

 Massive 6 awg wires and ring connectors on the phase outputs give the X12 massive current handling capability to run your most demanding scooter and e-bike. Bursts of 300A or more are entirely possible if your battery can deliver the input power!

 Fully enclosed in a beautiful, fully CNC’d 6061 aluminum anodized case that doubles as its effective heat sink, this sexy beast fits like a crown jewel on your PEV. Unlike most controller heat sink designs, you’ll want to show this off!

 Multiple X12 units can be linked via CANBUS to control several motors at once - opening the gateway to extreme multi-motor mayhem.

 The TRONIC X12 features an ESP32 with VESC Express Bluetooth technology for a reliable connection to your phone. Configure settings like max motor amps, braking strength, regen, traction control and more. Support for field weakening allows you to get more top end speed from your PEV than would normally be available.

High quality current sensors take the place of traditional VESC shunts, giving this beast a 700A current measurement capability!

Grab this world-first technology for your PEV, and embark on a new era of power and efficiency unlike any other controller in the world. The new TRONIC X12 - Your electric vehicle game will never be the same.

Kindly be aware that estimated deliveries are anticipated to occur between the end of January and mid-February.



Max voltage (V): 126V (30s)

Min voltage (V): 24V (8s) 

Continuous current (A): 250 w/efficient cooling (liquid) 

350 A Absolute max 

Max ERPM: 150,000 Limited by the VESC software

ADC Input resolution: 12 BIT

Max operating Temp (C):  75C

Mosfet Number & Type: 12 InfineonTM TOLT  

Switching Frequency (kHz): 40 

Bluetooth Module: ESP32-C3 compatible with VESCTM Express 

DC-DC spike resilience (V): 140 

Dimensions of PCB (mm): 73.5mm x 96.5mm 

Input wire size (awg): 8

Phase wire size (awg): 6

Connector: None

Imu internal: LSM6DS3 

Accessory connector type: JST 2.0mm 

Supported Throttle Types: ADC, PPM, UART inputs 


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