TRONIC 250R bare board (no enclosure)

$249.00 USD

Presenting the ultimate small powerhouse for e-skate, Onewheel®, Scooters, and e-bikes!  An incredible state-of-the-art, VESC-compatible unit (where the DRV chip is no longer needed).

You can customize all of the settings on this dynamo using VESC-tool.  Link two together using a two-wire CAN cable, for dual motor applications.

Nothing else on the market delivers this sort of power in a reliable, small package!

If you want gobs of reliable power on tap for your PEV, with the ability to self-customize all the parameters, this is it!

The Tronic™ 250R  works with a huge range of motors, from small inrunners, through midsized outrunners, to large e-bike hub motors. Almost any commercial motor (and even many custom-motor designs) can be controlled with the fantastic smoothness of FOC operation. The possibilities are limitless.

The Tronic™ 250R makes your motors silent, but extremely powerful.  And with the auto-configuration options in VESC Tool, it's easy to use the motor detection wizard, and then manually configure the other various settings and preferences to your liking. Tweak the parameters and dial in the best performance for your ride. It's addictive and fun when the hardware is reliable.

Note: A simple latching switch of your choice works as the power on/off button (not included, but many great options are on Amazon). It's a reliable setup and meant to last.

Imagine what your PEV would do with this VESC Controller. You have to try it!



  • Up to 250 Phase amps continuous (300 peak, cooling required)
  • Up to 120 Battery amps max
  • 8S - 24S Battery (up to 100.8V fully charged)
  • 4 x DC link copper weight
  • USB-C port for programming or firmware updates
  • 0.5A, 5V auxiliary output
  • Built in IMU chip for balancing applications (ex: VESC Onewheel®)
  • Integrated Bluetooth transceiver
  • CAN bus communications
  • Capable of FOC (sine) or BLDC (trapezoidal) operation
  • Soft and Hard Thermal Limiting
  • Easy and optional ON/OFF capability with any latching switch
  • Thermal sensor extension
  • A robust and reliable design (DRV-less) based on engineering practices from the EV industry
  • All high-quality mosfets, capacitors, and other components

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