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Presenting the ultimate small powerhouse for e-skate, Onewheel, Scooters, and smaller ebikes!  An incredible VESC-compatible unit of the latest design (DRV chip no longer needed), enclosed in a stunning anodized aluminum CNC case in vibrant purple and black, that also sinks a lot of heat!

You can customize all of the settings on this dynamo using VESC-tool.  Link two together using a two-wire CAN cable, for dual motor applications.

Nothing else on the market delivers this sort of power in a reliable, small package! If you want gobs of reliable power on tap for your PEV, with the ability to self-customize all the parameters, this is it!


  • 250 Phase amps continuous (300 peak)
  • 120 Battery amps
  • 8S - 24S Battery (up to 100.8V fully charged)
  • 4 x DC link copper weight
  • 0.5A, 5V auxiliary output
  • Built in IMU chip for balancing applications (VESC Onewheel)
  • Integrated Bluetooth transceiver
  • CAN bus communications
  • Capable of FOC or BLDC (trapezoidal) operation
  • Soft and Hard Thermal Limiting
  • Easy and optional ON/OFF capability with any latching switch
  • Thermal sensor extension
  • Robust and reliable design (DRV-less) based on engineering practices from the EV industry

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