Big power in a small package

250 Phase amps continuous
300 Phase amps absolute
100 Battery amps
8S - 21S Battery (24V to 88.2V)

Built in IMU chip for balancing applications

Integrated Bluetooth transceiver

CAN bus communications
Capable of FOC or BLDC (trapezoidal) operation
Soft and Hard Thermal Limiting
Fully programmable via the VESC platform apps / software
Easy and optional ON/OFF capability with latching switch of choice
Thermal sensor extension
Robust and reliable design (DRVless) based on engineering practices from the EV industry

Perfect for tuning

The Tronic 250’s are easily monitored and tuned with a variety of mobile apps.



Vesc Tool ($4.99) App Store



Vesc Tool Google Play Store


3 Phase wires: 5.0mm bullet connectors  (Motor End not included).

Battery Cables: QS8 Male Antispark (battery end not included).

Unit Connectors: JST 2.0mm Pitch open ended.

If you are planning to run a 21s battery please do not use regenerative braking. This will create back EMF (voltage spikes) Higher than the ratings on the components.

When using ADC analog inputs, do not exceed 3.3v (If using ebike throttle, power from the 3.3v instead of the 5v)  Using above 3.3v can possibly damage the controller. If confused about this, reach out to support with questions. 

Software is Based on Vesc by VESC®-Project. VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder"


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